Grass Mowed

Hedges Cut

Patios Pressure Washed

Garages/Sheds Removed and Cleared

Spotless Gardens

We are a fully licensed service with decades of experience.

We provide gardening services to all Rossendale towns including Rawtenstall, Bacup, Haslingden.

Our gardeners also cover Whitworth, Rochdale and Ramsbottom, Bury and Greater Manchester areas.

Grass Mowed

Cutting grass is more than just a routine task, it's a symphony of precision and rejuvenation for both the lawn and garden.

There is a satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing we have played a part in helping to maintain your garden area.

Simply give us a call for a non obligation qoute

Hedges Cut

Hedge cutting, a chore often overlooked yet profoundly transformative, entails more than just trimming foliage.

Beyond mere aesthetics, hedge cutting is a labor of love, a commitment to nurturing the landscape and fostering harmony within your garden.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your hedge looking its best. Consider scheduling trimming sessions throughout the year to prevent overgrowth.

Monster Hedges Cut

Trimming a monster-sized hedge can be quite a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be manageable by us.

We will inspect the hedge and identify the areas that need trimming. Determine the overall shape you want to achieve.

Monster hedges can also be totally removed.

At Spotless Gardens, we like to get the job done swiftly and cost effectively for you.

Patios Pressure Washed

Patio pressure washing is a revitalizing endeavor that breathes new life into outdoor spaces, transforming weather worn surfaces into pristine sanctuaries for relaxation and gathering.

With each jet of water, layers of dirt, grime, and debris are whisked away, revealing the natural beauty beneath. The process is a tactile symphony, as pressure washers work in tandem to banish stains and discoloration, restoring the patios original luster.

Garage and Shed Removal

Garage and shed removal is a practical yet often emotionally charged task, as it involves dismantling a structure that may hold memories and sentiments.

As the last remnants are carted away, there is a sense of lightness and liberation, knowing that the space once occupied by the garage or shed now holds the promise of a fresh look for your space.

Rubbish Clearance

Clearing rubbish can be a time-consuming task. At Spotless Gardens we sort through the rubbish and ensure that the different types of rubbish are recycled and disposed of professionally.

Gardens, sheds, garages and outhouses all cleared when its convenient to you.

Fence Painting

We will clean the fence thoroughly to remove any dirt, mold, or loose paint. Sanding may also be necessary to smooth the surface.

We will use a paint suitable for outdoor use. Acrylic or oil-based paints are common choices for fences due to their durability and weather resistance.

Why use Spotless Gardens

After using any of our services we will ensure that your garden is left clean and tidy

If required, after removing the rubbish, we can even sanitize the area to eliminate any remaining debris. This helps restore the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of your environment.